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Bach to Braille

Braille Music Transcription

About Heidi

Heidi Lehmann, founder of Bach to Braille, is one of the leading Braille Music Transcriptionist in the United States. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Crane School of Music in Upstate New York where she earned honors of Summa Cum Laude and Presidential Scholar. In addition, Ms. Lehmann earned her Library of Congress Certification in Literary Braille and Braille Music Transcription.

Our Mission

Serving blind professional musicians with fast service, accurate work and affordable transcriptions


Board of Directors for the National Braille Association (Music Chairman)
Member of MENVI

Specializing in Braille Music Transcription for Universities and Colleges

Having worked with several major universities and learning institutions around the nation, Bach to Braille is well versed in meeting the needs of blind students semester by semester. Whether it be a music theory textbook that will be used over several semesters or an individual music score for a specific class requirement, Bach to Braille can meet your needs. It is our company policy that your student will always have their classroom materials ahead of schedule. For an additional charge, we can also emboss the Braille files and send the transcription directly to your student via UPS!

We Provide Human Translations

…not machine translations. We consider machines and technology to be an incredible aid to the science of translating, still there is not a machine developed yet that can convert print music into Braille music with 100% accuracy. We use the most up to date technological tools for assisting in our translations which allows us to send Braille files in multiple formats, including .BRF, .ABT, .BML and .DXB.

With extensive musical background knowledge in orchestral, instrumental and piano literature, you can rest assured that your Braille music transcription will be worthy of a standing ovation!

Previous Transcription Projects

  • Tonal Harmony with an Introduction to 20th Century Music, 6th Ed, textbook and Workbook, Kosta and Payne

  • The Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis, textbook and workbook, Clendinning and Marvin

  • The History of Western Music, 7th Ed., Burkholder, Palisca and Grout

  • Music for Sight Singing, 8th Ed., Ottman and Rogers

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