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Question & Answer
How do I get a book or musical score transcribed?
  1. Simply send us the PDF file of the book via email (or and we will give you a cost estimate of the project. Once you have approved the price quote, we will need a purchase order from your institution before we can begin the transcription process. We don’t like surprises anymore than you do, so rest easy. Bach to Braille guarantees that your project total will never exceed the price we originally quoted you.
How long will it take to have my material transcribed?
  1. We strive for a 2-week turn around time for smaller projects (less than 50 print pages) and 3 weeks for projects that have 51-100 print pages. If the scope of your project involves multiple chapters of a textbook, simply send us the class syllabi and we will stay ahead of your student as the semester progresses.

Do you accept rush orders?
  1. Yes. We will accept rush orders (24-hour turn around time) but the cost doubles.

Can you emboss, bind and ship the braille copy to us?
  1. Yes, once the transcription is complete, we will emboss the material, bind the pages together and send your material to you via UPS with a tracking number. We are able to ship overnight, next-day air and ground.4-hour turn around time) but the cost doubles.

How much will my transcription cost?
  1. This is a difficult question to answer since each project is different. An elementary trumpet solo will be far less than 15 chapters of a college-level music theory textbook. In general, if you multiple the number of print pages by 3, this will give you an estimate number of braille pages. Multiply this new number by 10 to arrive at an estimated dollar amount for a cost analysis. Transcriptions can range from $20 to $20,000 and higher. Again, if you send us the PDF file, we can give you a more accurate figure.

Do you transcribe math and foreign language textbooks as well?
  1. Yes. Although music is our forte, we also have literary and Nemeth certified braille transcribers that work on foreign language and math textbooks as well.

How does our institution reimburse you for the transcription services?
  1. We will send you an electronic invoice via email when the work has been completed. Larger projects that span several semesters may warrant multiple invoices intermittently throughout the semester with a purchase order from your institution. For smaller projects, simply send a check to Bach to Braille, Inc. 9637 Elm Street, Castorland, NY 13620.

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